About me

After six years editing a magazine and living in Bristol, I’m leaving my urban ways behind and going in search of something wilder. One overcast day not so long ago I made a list of all the things that make me happy and it went something like this: starry nights, crunchy snow, wide open spaces, mountain streams, old canvas, outboard engines, catching fish, windswept Scottish beaches with cold seas and pretty shells. You see? It’s messing around in the countryside that makes my heart sing and that’s the stuff I want to write about.

Eve MacFarlane

Me, soaking up the late evening sunshine at the front of the cottage.

I’m lucky because my family has a cottage in Portavadie, a small village (not even that really – a few houses) on the shores of Loch Fyne, a sea loch that delivers bountiful mackerel, crabs, mussels and scallops. On a bright day you can swim in its cold waters if you’re hardy. It’s a holiday home – small, damp and a little bit run down, and I love it. We’ve been going there since I was little, renting it at first. Later, when we moved to England, mum and dad bought it to keep a connection with Scotland; a foothold in northern soil. I think they feared my brother and I might turn too English, which, inevitably, we did. I sound English, but inside there’s a core that’s stubbornly Scottish. I have the cottage to thank for that.

Sutherland beach on Scotland's west coast

Ah, happy westcoasting.

So that’s where I’m heading. I’m going to try and live off the land, find the wild places and write. I’ll see what the day brings. If it’s sunny I’ll swim in the sea, if it’s pelting with rain I’ll hunker down by the fire and read and if the midgies swarm I’ll take the boat out. I’m going to immerse myself in the wilderness of the west coast, exploring its highlands and islands, and I’ll write about what I find along the way.

11 responses to “About me

  1. Dave Owens

    Sounds amazing Eve, truly inspiring!!

    Genuinely really looking forward to hearing how the great escape/adventure goes.

    Best of my luck my friend
    Dave x

  2. Great to read about your escape to the west coast wilderness. A few years back, I stayed in the same cottage with a few friends (including your cousin calum), and also wrote about it. Thought you might be interested – http://www.theskinny.co.uk/article/44187-portavadie-hogmanay

    • Eighteen?! That could be the record. Bill and chris next door said what a great evening they had when you all turned up. Loved your piece and thanks for sending it on. It’s great to read about good times at the cottage – there have been many!

  3. Lucia

    Alex and I have been to the cottage once with Hazel, Matt, Marilyn and Davie it was a wonderful experience, I loved it, the sea, the peace, good food, good wine and the best company. Tried to carve a wooden fish for the cottage but I was rubbish at that. I hope we can visit you some time Eve.

  4. Sarah Cook, CW-Design

    Hi Eve, a girl after my own heart… good for you! I look forward to hearing about your wonderful adventures… I’m closely watching this space. Sarah x

  5. love the blog. Came across it as I work in HE fundraising and someone linked to your blog on a fundraising list!

    I’m also doing some freelance writing work and daydreaming of doing something more exciting.

    Very inspirational. 🙂 Rach

  6. Hi Eve

    Great to read another local blog- you write beautifully too…



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