Westcoasting begins

With a nip of whisky for courage I’m heading to the west coast of Scotland to live off the land, find wild places and write.

View across Loch Fyne from Portavadie

The view from the cottage, out across Loch Fyne to the Kintyre peninsula beyond.

My garden has never produced more than a withered tomato or two, so the living-off-the-land bit could be a slightly foolish (dangerous?!) decision, but there’s a supermarket an hour’s drive away if the crops fail and I can’t bring myself to kill the goat.

So what’s it all about? Well, it’s a punt at a freelance writing career. It’s a chance to live in the most beautiful place – I think – in the world. The west coast offers wilderness and I want to get amongst it. I’ll be swimming in mountain burns, walking to far-flung bothies and exploring remote beaches. And finally, it’s about following my dream – slowing down, spending less, catching crabs, diving for scallops, keeping chickens, knitting my own underwear. I’ll be writing about it all here.

Two crabs and a lobster

Two crabs and a lobster plucked fresh from the loch. The nice man next door says he likes catching them but doesnt like eating them.

This weekend I’m ferrying my stuff to the cottage in a transit van. That’s the first challenge. How do you drive a van? There’s no back window! How can you see what’s behind you? I guess all will be revealed (or not). It’s just a flying visit – the real move is happening on 9 May, when spring has properly sprung. I’ll be in Bristol till then, saving for the lean times ahead and growing my veg seedlings ready for planting out in May. Yes, the potatoes are chitting as we speak.

Talk to my friends and they’ll tell you that this isn’t a new idea. A move to deepest Dartmoor some years back lasted, err, a month, before I hot footed it back to civilisation. But it’s different this time, because I’m going to Scotland, which is, after all, my home.



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25 responses to “Westcoasting begins

  1. Happy trails, Eve, and remember to use your mirrors (helps with the lack of rear windows on the van).

    Incipit vita nova!

  2. Em

    Oh mountains and rivers and beautiful views…… When you have grown some veg – I’ll be there! With whisky (and champagne)….
    Can’t wait to read all about your wonderful adventure.
    Much love

  3. Wow! This is all very exciting and the blog looks great. You’ll be missed, but we’ll visit and bring supplies just incase four extra mouths wipeout your harvest. Have a safe journey.

  4. Eve, I wish you well (and wellies) in your wonderful adventure…
    Wth that view from the cottage, looks like you’ll be needing a visit from a Norman Ackroyd admirer….!

  5. Jenny Szewiel

    So looking forward to reading more about your adventures, especially the knitted knickers! Good luck with your trip this weekend, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of the van in no time. See you soon! xxx

  6. Jo Greaney

    The knitted knickers sound interesting! Can’t wait to read all about your exciting adventures. Best of luck in following your dreams and hope you’ll be up for visitors soon!! xxxx

  7. Lottie

    How exciting Eve! So pleased for you and can’t wait to hear all about your daily adventures. Knitted knickers and all. Safe journey in your van xx

  8. Debbie Lewis

    Wishing you all the best Eve and looking forward to hearing how your veggies and chickens grow.
    P.S. Knitting knickers is hard… you might want to try crochet…

  9. Laura Greenwood

    How lovely Eve – best of luck with it all. Recommend a very fine wool for your home crafted undies…. and yes, am with Nick on the wing mirrors concept (but still weird – the lack of back window I mean!).xxxx

  10. Jo Friend

    Good luck Eve – you might want to look at http://www.theretroknittingcompany.co.uk/underwear.html

  11. Natalie Turner

    I’d say it’s not just the potatoes chitting themselves… Good luck Eve, can’t wait to join you for a wild weeken xxx

  12. cath bryant

    Hi Eve, Have a horrible feeling you’re going to be so inundated with visitors you won’t get a chance to write a word! But you’ve always got those winters……More to the point, this is the first time I have participated in a BLOG, very exciting, its looks really lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing more photos x

  13. Sounds wonderful!! I’m looking forward to reading about it all!!

  14. emma D

    wow brilliant eve, can’t wait to hear more, look after the goat and have a wee dram for me. When you produce some words and I’ll buy them for the library. good luck XXXX

  15. Brian Peel

    Eve, get that fire stoked, it’s going to be a wee bit windy around the Trossachs this weekend! Watch out for the knitted underwear, they give off static something rotten. Oh… and have a wonderful adventure!

  16. Jacks

    It looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you up there. And look forward to reading all about it 🙂 xxxx

  17. Caroline Freeman

    Wow !!! You really are doing this! So proud of you for having the guts to choose a different life . Can’t wait to come up and stay , eat , walk, drink and laugh. Any vege growing advice give me a ring.. my Dad is the expert!! Love you lots groover! xxx

  18. Rat

    Soooooo excited for you…looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. xxxxxx

  19. Salsa

    we want more, we want more, we want more! can’t wait for daily blogs….bet you is counting down the days hey, espec in weather like this!! exciting x

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